Honda sues Hero over electric scooter design

The case sees Honda taking the motorcycle manufacturer Hero to court over their latest electric scooter design

Honda vs Hero electric scooters

HONDA Motor Japan has this week sued Hero Electric after accusing the firm of copying its design of e-scooter.

The case centres around some of the design elements (highlighted at the top of the page) of the Hero Dash electric scooter, parts which Honda claims are allegedly the same as the registered design of the Honda Moove petrol-powered scooter.

Honda has filed an interim petition seeking an ad-interim injunction against Hero Electric, seeking for them to stop manufacturing, selling, and even advertising the Dash electric scooter.

The parts of the bike that Honda alleges to be imitating the Moove scooter are the rear cover (side panels, front light and cowl, and rear light.

The move scooter is not currently for sale in the Indian market, while the Hero Dash was launched there last year with a RS 62,000 (£650) price tag.

Hero Electric Dash scooter specs

The Dash is claimed to have a range of around 60km and is powered by 250w motor. The batteries are 48V lithium-ion cells and can carry 28Ah with a recharge time of between four and eight hours depending on the power output of the socket.

Honda Moove scooter specs

The Moove is powered by a 108cc, single-cylinder engine and producing around 8bhp. The bike uses a V-belt and CVT drive to the rear wheel and has a fuel capacity of 3.7l, giving the diminutive scooter massive mileage potential from the super-frugal Vision 110 related engine.

Honda went to the Indian high court with the allegations. They have asked Hero to respond to the accusations.