Honda to launch three electric motorcycles by 2024

Honda has unveiled its ambitious path to electrification, with three new electric motorcycles released by 2024

Honda new electric motorcycles

HONDA CEO Toshihiro Mibe has given a press conference outlining the firm’s plans to shift into electrification in the coming years.

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While new, fully petrol-powered cars and vans are to be taken off sale in 2030, no official date has been set to remove petrol-powered motorcycles from sale. Honda doesn’t seem to be waiting for that announcement though, as CEO Mibe has announced an ambitious plan to release three, small-capacity electric motorcycles by 2024, with a possibly larger model following some time after.

Swappable battery technology is also firmly on the agenda 

While the three releases slated for 2024 may not be the machines that fire the synapses of petrol-powered motorcycle fans, they basically look like small capacity 125cc equivalent machines, the one scheduled for after that might be a more appealing concept. Honda is claiming it will be introduced into the ‘Fun’ area of the motorcycle market, not the urban mobility one.

New motorcycles aside, Honda will also be focusing its efforts on cleaning up the automotive industry, working on the environment with the aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. The firm will also be promoting research on material recycling, including battery reuse and recycling. It also hopes to take on the challenge of developing products with 100% sustainable materials.

Another innovation that could positively impact motorcyclists across the globe is the introduction of Honda’s own advanced driver assistance system (ADAS). The goal here is to eliminate the number of fatalities in traffic accidents involving Honda motorcycles and cars globally.