DVSA launches information portal for motorcycle riders

The new portal gives new and existing motorcycle riders essential safety advice and advanced riding tips

DVSA launches information portal for motorcycle riders

THIS week sees the launch of a new information portal produced by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) called Safe Driving for Life.


The new site is aimed at both riders and drivers and includes information that is relevant to both new and existing road users. The site offers tailored advice and gives road users practical help with getting on two, and four wheels, and on how to stay safe while out on the road.

Some of the information and advice on the site is specifically aimed at riders and considers a variety of conditions, situations, manoeuvres, and learnings, all of which are unique to Two Wheelers. There is advice on smart motorways, how to get out of the way of emergency service vehicles, what to do if you break down, double white lines, roundabouts, and more.

Motorcycle specific advice for riders

The motorcycle-specific advice on the site is aimed at any riders, regardless of where they are on their motorcycle journey, and even includes practice tests and even hazard perception test clips to help better arm would-be motorcyclists.

Karen Cole, Director of Road Safety and Rider Training said:

“The platform offers a selection of resources tailored to PTW users and novices, giving some excellent advice, direction, and tools to make the journey on to two wheels as comprehensive, yet simple as possible. The inclusion of post-test training also shows DVSA shares MCIA’s view that once a test is passed it should not signify the end of learning or training.”

To check out the website for yourself, head to: www.safedrivingforlife.info