DfT launch consultation that could kerb pavement parking

The DfT has launched a public consultation to see if banning all vehicles from parking on the pavement should be adopted

motorcycle parking

THE Department for Transport (DfT) is launching a public consultation to find out whether the London ban on pavement parking should be rolled out further afield. If agreed, the new ruling would make it easier for local authorities to prevent pavement parking in some areas.

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With much of the UK’s towns and cities not able to deal with the amount of traffic they receive, it’s no surprise that some locations suffer from congestion, for motorists and other road users. It’s also the case that in some older towns and cities, the footpath or pavement is the only safe way for pedestrians to navigate their way from A to B.

But with parking spaces at a premium, and some car parking charges increasing, the option of parking fully or partially on the pavement is, for some motorists, an appealing option. The problem is, doing so can block the way for pedestrians, having an increasingly negative impact on the disabled, those with impaired vision, and people with pushchairs and buggies.

To combat this, the DfT has opened a consultation which could make it easier for local authorities to prevent people from parking on the pavement, and you can have your say.

The consultation period began on 31 August 2020 and will run until 22 November 2020 so ensure that your response reaches us before the closing date.

You may respond via: