CFMoto 450SR Recalled Over Potential “Steering Difficulty”

The CFMoto 450SR and 450SR S have been recalled over an issue with the top box that can result in “steering difficulty”

CFMoto 450SR

A recall has been issued for the CFMoto 450SR and recently released 450SR S, owing to a problem relating to the T-Box holder kit.

CFMoto says that the rubber ring in the holder kit for the T-Box on both the 450SR and 450SR S “could have fatigue break due to excessive local shear stress and vehicle vibration.”

The result of the potential issue with the T-Box holder kit is that the top box could “drop into a position that causes steering difficulty.” On the surface, an issue with a connectivity module can seem relatively trivial, but once it’s understood to affect the motorcycle’s steering it immediately becomes a safety issue. 

T-Box is essentially the technology through which CFMoto enables smartphone connectivity with its CFMoto Ride app. The module is located near the steering head.

“Rider safety and experience is paramount,” CFMoto says. “For that reason, CFMoto has issued a recall on the 450SR and 450SR S to address a concern linked to the T-Box rubber ring.”

CFMoto says that affected vehicles “may require installation of a T-Box rubber ring and a T-Box holder to improve stability of the T-Box.”

Customers to whom affected motorcycles have been delivered are being personally informed of the recall by CFMoto.

The CFMoto 450SR arrived in the European market in 2023 as an A2-eligible sports bike, while the 450SR S was introduced in 2024 as a slightly upgraded version, with the changes to the bike including the aerodynamic wings, rear brake, and exhaust, as well as a new single-sided swingarm.

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