Bridgestone develops Techsyn tyres - longer life and better for the environment

Tyre manufacturer Bridgestone has partly developed a new type of rubber that is more durable and environmentally friendly than before

Bridgestone Techsyn tyres

BRIDGESTONE, Arlanxeo, and Solvay have together produced a new type of rubber for use in automotive tyres called Techsyn, and it’s claimed to improve a tyre’s longevity and reduce carbon emissions.

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The hoops are the result of collaborative work between the three parties and feature a new type of synthetic rubber which is then bonded to silica on a molecular level. The new compound is claimed to be 30 per cent more wear-resistant than conventional tyres, while also providing six per cent less rolling resistance than a conventional tyre.

That may sound like a recipe for losing control, especially on a motorcycle with its smaller contact patch, but Bridgestone is claiming that is not the case. When tested against Bridgestone’s range of summer tyres, the new Techsyn rubber was reported to not negatively impact grip in both wet or dry conditions.

Bridgestone is reported to be preparing the new tyres for mass production, with a variety of vehicles in line to receive the high-tech new hoops.

Laurent Dartoux, President and CEO of Bridgestone EMIA said:

“We are convinced, at Bridgestone, that breakthrough innovations and the future of mobility necessarily require collaboration. The partnership in which TECHSYN is part has evolved to become one of the most original initiatives in which we have participated to date. [...] innovation and sustainability are at the very heart of everything we do. By developing solutions based on respect for the environment, as is the case with TECHSYN, we are making great strides in this direction while remaining faithful to the ambitions we have set for ourselves.”