BMW Motorrad Urban Mobility to be all-electric by 2025

BMW has confirmed that all new urban mobility models will be going fully electric in 2025 with many more models switching to battery power by 2030


BMW, one of the largest automotive companies on the planet has confirmed that all its urban mobility motorcycles (scooters and lightweights) will be fully electric by the year 2025.

The move is aligned with the desire of the automotive group, to drastically cut its internal combustion engine (ICE) output in the coming years.

And it doesn’t stop there. From 2030, the Bavarian builder wants to switch much more of its output from the two and four-wheeled sectors over to electric power.

The move would mean not just the Beemer branded vehicles switching to battery power, Rolly Royce and the globally successful Mini marque would also join up the electric revolution.

The Mini brand will go all-electric from 2030 onwards. While Rolls-Royce will also become a fully electric brand by 2030. And as mentioned above, on the two-wheeled side of things, all-new Motorrad models in the urban mobility range will also be fully electric by then too.

Fans of the internal combustion engine shouldn’t be too worried though, as when it comes to the firms' flagship range of bikes (think S 1000 RR, R1250, K1600, and so on) will have a more considered future. It’s not 100 percent what this will look like, although an insider has confirmed that alternative fuels are not off the agenda.

For now, that means bikes like the C 400 GT and its more off-road inspired C 400 X will be switching to battery power or being replaced by the incoming CE 04 we are riding in Barcelona tomorrow. And the march to electrification isn’t likely to stop there.

In real terms, it means the group is looking to double its electric vehicle output in 2022 compared to 2021, and by 2023 it plans to have put two million electrified (hybrid and plug-in hybrid) vehicles on the road along with a further two million all-electric vehicles to boot.

That’s a massive number of electric vehicles in a short amount of time, and you can bet your bottom DC charging socket that the motorcycle sector will be doing some of the heavy lifting!

To read the full Beemer press release, head to:

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