Your queries answered in our new law column

Got a legal biking question? We’re here to help, thanks to the good folk at Thompsons Solicitors

Your queries answered in our new law column

We’re kicking off a new weekly section of the site, with some proper learned answers to your bikey legal queries. Whether you’ve been knocked off by a pissed-up driver, been stitched up by a dodgy trader, or looking down the barrel of a six-month ban for one speeding ticket too many, we can help – with some clever judicial stuff from Thompsons Solicitors, one of the biggest law firms in the country.

Send your questions to, or post on our Facebook page. We’ll answer as many as we can…

Here’s a quick one to kick us off – a question we’ve often thought about: is it worth using a helmet cam on the road? Is video evidence useful in court?

David Robinson, senior road accident specialist at Thompsons Solicitors told us, “Absolutely! Helmet cameras provide invaluable evidence as to what happened during a collision. Video evidence is entirely objective and cannot be disputed.

“Video evidence from a helmet cam means you do not have to try and unpick what happened in the split second of a collision, and you can send such evidence to your insurance company to prove exactly what happened. This can have a positive impact on potentially showing you were not at fault (and therefore protecting your claims history).

“The evidence can also be used in court, both in criminal cases where charges such as careless or dangerous driving are being considered as well as in civil cases where injuries or damage has been caused.”


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