Yamaha and Pol Tarres take the Tenere 700 to record heights

Yamaha and their Tenere 700 ambassador, Pol Tarres, have set a new altitude world record with their twin-cylinder adventure bike.

Pol Tarres, Tenere 700. - Yamaha

YAMAHA’s Pol Tarres has brought the Iwata brand the record for the highest altitude reached with a twin-cylinder motorcycle. 

The Yamaha Tenere 700 was the motorcycle used by Tarres to achieve the record, which was set on the Mercedario mountain in Argentina.

Cerro Mercedario is one of the highest mountains in the South American Andes mountain range, so the challenge for Tarres was immediately significant.

Tarres reached an altitude of 6,157.5 metres, or 3,826.1 miles with the Yamaha Tenere 700, in a project which came together in, according to Yamaha, just three months. 

You can check out the documentary-style video that came of the record-breaking climb below. It makes use of on-board footage to really convey the impact altitude has not only on the bike, but also on the rider.

“The main purpose of our expedition was to test the bike and the rider in the toughest conditions possible, going Alpine style all the way,” Tarres said. “On 12th of March I took off from the base camp 3.000m high, did 10km and slept at the intermediate camp at 4.500. On the 14th, I touched the highest point ever reached on a twin-cylinder bike, 6.157,5 metres.”

Yamaha is now aiming higher with its Tenere 700, which they now say is “ready for 7,000.” Additionally, Yamaha says that Tarres’ Argentinian feat has made him “yearn for more.”

Finally, Yamaha looks to the future, and says that it will be “back in the mountains [...] before Christmas,” presumably aiming for 7,000 metres.