Freddie Sheene and Stuart Graham to ride Barry Sheene's ex-GP Suzukis at Cadwell

Freddie Sheene will lead the parade of Barry Sheene’s ex-Grand Prix Suzuki race bikes at Suzuki Live in Cadwell Park on 10 June.

Freddie Sheene on Barry Sheene's 1984 XR14. - Suzuki

SUZUKI has announced that Barry Sheene’s son, Freddie, and ex-racer Stuart Graham will lead the parade of the old Grand Prix bikes of the legendary British #7 at Cadwell Park on 10 June.

There will be five of Sheene’s old race bikes present at Cadwell Park for Suzuki Live, including the 125cc RT67 that, before raced by Sheene in 1971, belonged to the aforementioned Graham at World Championship level in 1967.

Also present will be the 1984 Suzuki XR45, which will be the bike Freddie Sheene rides on the day, as well as the XR14s which won the 1976 and 1977 500cc World Championships. Finally, the XR23A - a bored-out RG500 raced in the Trans Atlantic series - will also be in Cadwell on 10 June for the parade.

All five of the bikes have been restored thanks to Suzuki’s Vintage Parts Programme.

“It was already going to be special enough to see five of Barry’s bikes being ridden on track together, as it always is whenever one of his machines is fired up and given a run-out,” said Tim Davies of Suzuki GB. “But to be able to have Freddie over is fantastic and it’s great to give him another opportunity to ride the bikes that made his father such a motorcycling hero.”

“And then to be able to welcome Stuart Graham along, too, is incredible,” Davies said. “The little 125 carried him to Grand Prix wins in 1967 and then kick-started Barry’s world championship career in 1971, when he took three wins and five podiums to finish second in the championship that year. At 80-years-old it’ll be amazing to see him back on that bike.”

Suzuki Live will also be an opportunity for those thinking of buying a bike from Suzuki’s current range to test ride some of that roster, and for Suzuki owners to take their own bikes on track at Cadwell Park. Details about those on-track session can be found on the MSV Track Days page, here.