World Record Wheelie competition, this weekend, Elvington Airfield

Can you hold a 175mph wheelie for a full 1km?

SOME OF the world's best wheelie merchants are set to break world records this coming weekend (21st - 22nd August) at the Guinness World Wheelie event, Elvington Airfield.

It's anticipated rround 50 people will participate in the event at the Yorkshire airfield, where competitors attempt to hold a high-speed wheelie for a full 1km.

One of the event favourites, Dave ‘the Dodge’ Rogers, will go for the prestigious record on his hand-built 300 horsepower Suzuki Hayabusa 1300.

“My personal best at the moment is 165mph but I’ve had an unofficial 182mph,” said the 44-year-old, granddad of two.

The current record stands at 172mph.

Get along to the event to see some serious one-wheel action. Just pray for calm weather.