Charge your bike by sunshine

New portable solar panel acts as trickle charger for your motorcycle

A MOTORCYCLE enthusiast has come up with a ‘green’ way of keeping his bike's battery charged up.

Peter Bladen, of alternative energy specialists BSolar, uses a mobile solar panel which plugs into the bike’s battery keeping it charged when the vehicle’s not in use.

He said: “I am strictly a weekend biker and as many enthusiasts will tell you, with modern the bikes the alarm drains the battery fast, meaning that when I used to take the bike out I would have to charge the battery first or run the bike a few times a week to keep things charge up.

“The new solar panel is proving brilliant.  I store the bike in the garden under a water proof cover and the solar panel just sits on the top of this with a lead which plugs directly into the bike’s battery, keeping it on full charge.  The panel only costs £27.99 and will have probably paid for itself in a few months, plus it’s nice to know that even with my motorbike I am doing my bit to be more environmentally friendly.”

The mobile solar panels can be purchased from Halsall-based solar specialists BSOLAR.