Will BMW’s S1000 XR be redesigned for 2020?

Visordown has a sneaking suspicion that BMW’s popular S1000XR motorcycle will be completely redesigned for 2020.

The BMW S1000XR introduced back in 2015, is expected to have some major updates for 2020. Which is for the best, as the bike is starting to show its age a bit when compared to its competition.  

The reasoning behind this thinking comes from the fact that the XR was absent from the BMW’s list of colour updates for 2020, as well as the firm's published list of unchanged models for 2020 in the US. 

Granted, being left off these two lists could mean that the S1000 XR is getting the chop? But that’s highly unlikely given the success of its sales globally, particularly in Germany and the UK. 

The number of new registrations of the S1000 type BMW’s in the UK since 2015: 

  • S1000 XR = 3181

  • S1000 RR = 2559

  • S1000 R    = 2310

With the XR being the best seller of S1000 type motorcycles in the UK, chances are it’s here to stay and feed the thirst of customers who are looking for a comfortable adventure styled motorcycle, with nimble sports bike-like handling and tech.

What changes can we expect to see on the 2020 S1000 XR?

With new bikes being registered in 2020 having to meet Euro 5 emission standards, it’s a safe bet that the XR will have BMW’s latest and greatest S1000RR Shiftcam engine. With the new motor would come a redesigned frame, as the engine mounts are in different positions to the Euro 4 compliant S1000RR powerplant used for the current XR. Much like the 2020 S1000 RR, it’s thought that the focus of the new frame will be on controlled flex and reduced weight. 

With the emergence of the KTM’s beastly 1290 Super Adventure and Ducati’s Panigale MultiStrada V4 (same motor as the Panigale), it’s likely that the XR will get a boost in power. How much more? We can’t be sure. But anywhere from 5-10 horsepower seems reasonable as the current 2019 XR has 165bhp as standard. 

Standard equipment is also expected to get an update, with the aged clock set likely getting the full-colour TFT treatment. And as not to miss out of the party the XR might be equipt with a Bosch radar cruise control system, similar to that being developed by Ducati and KTM currently. 

Besides from these updates, one can still expect a massively complex left handlebar interface. Something tells me that it isn’t going anywhere. 

But enough speculation, let’s wait and see what BMW brings to the table. But one thing’s for sure, 2020 is going to be an awesome year for adventure sport-style motorcycles.  


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