When you wouldn't be seen dead in blue and red | Ducati Superleggara V4J

First world problems | When your crimson €90,000 Ducati Superleggara V4 just doesn't accessorise with your blue Lamborghini, whatever do you do?

Ducati Superleggara V4 J

Try as we might, there are just some certainties in life for 99.999999% of us in the world that won’t change; We won’t win the MotoGP World Championship, that car driver will still cut us up and blame us for it and we won’t be nipping down the dealership to place a deposit on a Ducati Superleggara V4.

The jaw-dropping, ultra-fast, ultra honed Ducati sportsbike is probably the closest thing you’ll get to a roadgoing MotoGP bike, a meshing of the Ducati Panigale V4 R with a Ducati GP20 that delivers delicious looks, frightening speed, a frightening price tag and is so light Faitma Whitbread could probably lob it a frightening distance.

But that doesn’t mean the 0.000001% with money burning in their pockets don’t exist and there are indeed as many as 500 no doubt very happy owners traversing this world on a €90,000 234hp, 152.2kg winged beast of a motorcycle.

So what happens when you desperately want a Ducati Superleggara V4 but red just isn’t your colour…?

Well, you get the customisers in of course, just as one American enthusiast did when he decided the Ducati just didn’t quite accessorise well enough with his other pride and joy, a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.

These two models share something in common; They are both wildly expensive, wildly excessive and probably going to get you wildly laid…

However, unless you are in the Matrix and have an interest in pharmaceuticals, red and blue just don’t go - though I might need to check with a Kardashian to be absolutely certain.

And since it would be rather heinous to turn the Lamborghini into a shade of Ducati red that would have Ferrari litigators on the phone before the first coat had dried, it is instead the Superleggara that is stepping out in new threads in the same blue colour swatch as its fellow wealthy garage dweller.

While Ducatisti might baulk at the idea of anything other than a red Ducati, we have to admit this shimmering pearlescent shade of blue is actually very fetching and - whisper it quietly - we think it might actually be a better finish. Moreover, there are a few yellow splashes which marry up rather neatly with the decals on the Pirelli tyres.

At the very least, it helps the Superleggara V4J - so called in reference to the Aventador which in turn is inspired by the 1960’s Jota - stand out because as impressive as this flagship exotica is, it takes a keener eye to differentiate it from a regular V4 R… especially if it’s blurring past you at 150mph.