What has Ducati got up its sleeve? Watch the Ducati World Premiere live here!

Episode 1 of the Ducati World Premiere titled ‘Your Everyday Wonder’ is due to start at 3pm today, and you can watch it here. 


Episode 1 of the Ducati World Premiere is due to take place today, September 30th, at 3 pm. It’ll kick start a ‘season’ of bi-weekly product reveals and launches from the Italian giant, and culminate on December 9th with the full reveal of the Desert X!

With the first episode titled ‘Your Everyday Wonder’, little is known about what’s on the way just yet, but those of you with a deerstalker hat on (we’ll call you Sherlock) may draw some inspiration from the titles of the 6 episodes. 

The episode titles, with their broadcast dates, are: 

  • Ep 1: Your Everyday Wonder - September 30th
  • Ep 2: Mark Your Roots - October 14th 
  • Ep 3: Rule All Mountains - October 28th
  • Ep 4: A New Fighter in Town - November 11th
  • Ep 5: The Evolution of Speed - November 25th
  • Ep 6: Dream Wilder - Desert X - December 9th

There are a few keywords that instantly jump out here, and headed by the new adventure bike, there could well be a bumper list of 2022 Italian machinery waiting for us at the upcoming shows and events. Motorcycle Live could well be a very interesting week-and-a-bit for Ducati!

Watch Episode 1 of the Ducati World Premiere here:

First appearing as a concept model in 2019, the Desert X is no doubt going to be the main star of this short series, with its dazzling twin headlights, 937cc Testastretta water-cooled engine, and images of it bombing through sand dunes appearing last week. 

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