Welsh police urge bikers to check tyres after incident

The police have taken to Twitter to ask bikers to only ride when absolutely necessary and when their bike is road worthy

badly worn motorcycle tyre

OFFICERS from the North Wales Police Roads Policing Unit have taken to Twitter to ask all bikers to check their machines are roadworthy before riding.

The post was made after an accident involving a motorcycle took place on the A483 near Wrexham yesterday. The rider of the bike involved in the collision was riding on what we’re sure you’ll agree was a dangerously worn front tyre.

The post reads:

“Yesterday we dealt with a collision involving a m/cycle travelling n/bound on the A483. As you can see the front tyre was down to the cord Exploding head Rider will be dealt for dangerous driving at a later date and we're also looking at prosecution for non-essential journey”

Given the current situation regarding COVID-19 and our already overstretched NHS, this incident would have placed undue pressure on not just the emergency services, but also on the doctors and nurses back at the hospital.

The current rules around private vehicle travel dictate that a journey could only be made by motorcycle if it is to buy essential food, four health reasons, picking up medicine or for travelling to and from essential work that cannot be completed from home.

Ahead of what looks like a bank holiday weekend of fine and dry weather, the police are urging riders and drivers to stay at home and not ride or drive unless completely necessary.

For more information on how to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, head to: gov.uk/coronavirus

To read more regarding the governments driving guidelines during COVID-19, head to: gov.uk/government