Watch out for a ZZR1400 in Humberside

Police use 186mph unmarked Kawasaki in clampdown on speeding riders

Watch out for a ZZR1400 in Humberside

IF you’re riding in East Yorkshire and you see a Kawasaki ZZR1400 in your mirrors, it might be a good time for a glance at the speedo.

Humberside Police are using an unmarked 186mph ZZR1400 in a clampdown on speeding motorcyclists in the region.

The model makes 200hp according to Kawasaki but independent tests have put the figure even higher, at a measured 210hp. It was billed as ‘the world's fastest accelerating production motorcycle' by Kawasaki in 2012.

Humberside Police's has been fitted with state of the art speed detection and video recording equipment, according to the force.

Casualty reduction officer Simon Carlisle said: “We are concerned about the number of motorcyclists speeding on our rural roads, many travelling well over 100mph.”

He said the model had been in use every weekend since the start of April as part of “Operation Achilles” and a number of motorcyclist had been caught already.

“Most of which were on the B1248 across the Wolds, around Wetwang and Tibthorpe,” he added.

“One motorbike was clocked at 118 miles per hour, two others at 100mph and several over 90mph.”