Watch: Car crash sends motorcyclist sliding down open manhole

Talk about a series of unfortunate events!

GETTING HIT by a car is pretty unlucky, but this poor motorcyclist's misfortune didn't end there.

Oh no. After getting knocked off her moped on a road in Hangzhou, in China's eastern Zhejiang Province, the unidentified woman proceeds to slither down an open manhole cover, much to the surprise of the nearby sanitation workers. 

The men and the driver of the car that hit her rush over, but aren't immediately able to extract the woman from the hole. Luckily, two security officers are on hand to help and by the end of the end of the clip the poor moped rider has been rescued from the sewer. 

She was later taken to hospital in an ambulance and reportedly suffered only cuts and bruises to her arms and legs - the only luck in this series of unfortunate events. 

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.