WATCH: Alleged attempted motorcycle theft aborted

The helmet-less motocross riders seem interested in a bike, up until the owner appears anyway

WATCH: Alleged attempted motorcycle theft aborted

VISORDOWN has been sent an exclusive video from a concerned resident in Coventry, which seems to show two motorcycle-riding youths taking an interest in a bike parked at the side of the road.

Take a look at the footage below and see what you think it is they're up to...

The CCTV footage, filmed from the house next door to where the attack took place, shows two males, without helmets, riding two-up on what appears to be a number plate-less KTM. After spotting a bike parked, they double back and the pillion hops off and seems to remove something from the black rucksack he’s wearing, before passing the bag to the rider. He then makes his way over to the parked bike and seems to be trying to force the steering lock (or the ignition) with the implement.

After a couple of seconds, the owner of the bike appears and the alleged crooks make off at speed.

We spoke to the owner of the Honda Grom, Anton, for his side of the story:

“At about 3:30 pm on Saturday I saw the kid on the dirt bike pull up with no helmet. A moment later I saw the assailant who’d been on the back of the dirtbike run up to my bike. He had a blue key breaking tool and smashed it into the ignition and pulled it out. I then walked out and shouted at him. He looked up, and saw me, and ran back to his mate. At that moment they fled.”

Claiming that the damage to the bike, a smashed ignition barrel, and a new filler cap, to be costing him around £130 Anton’s frustration at the incident is evident: “At a guess I would say the lad who was trying to force the lock can’t have been older than 15 years old; a 15-year-old out robbing bikes, it’s mental. My bike is now un-rideable and if I wanted to try I’d have to force a screwdriver into the ignition to get it going. So, it’s gonna cost me £130 to fix which is irritating."

From start to finish the whole attempt is over in less than a minute and if anything, incidents like this are a stark warning that a bike parked at the side of the road, with nothing but the steering lock for protection, is an attractive target for would-be criminals.

This incident took place on Sewell Highway, Coventry, if anyone has any information as to who the riders of the motocross bike are, please contact Crimestoppers confidentially on: 0800 555 111

Video credit from Alex

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