Want a custom bike but can't build one? Now BMW will sell you one ready-made

Factory-customised bikes debut at BMW Motorrad Days event in Germany

BMW R nineT Option 719

BMW HAS announced its own factory customisation programme for touring and heritage line models, called BMW Motorrad Spezial.

The Motorrad Spezial programme was announced over the weekend with BMW debuting the parts at the BMW Motorrad Days event in Garmish, Germany.

It's BMW’s response to what it says is increasing customer demand for customisation options.

The product line-up includes numerous parts for the R nineT range including hand-painted tanks, valve covers, rearsets and tanks, seats, wheels, levers.

RT, GT and GTL models also get the option to have hand-painted pinstripting and have a new glass-ceramaic paint option.

In the same way that BMW’s performance parts range is called HP4, its Spezial trick bits go by the name of Option 719 – a name that comes from the code BMW gives to bikes it builds as one-off specials. Unlike the HP4 range, which is to improve performance, the aim here is to make bikes looks that bit more ‘spezial’.

All parts are developed at BMW. Customers can select from 719 parts using BMW’s online configurator and all bikes are built to order at the factory.

The range and configurator will be available from Autumn.