Volvos voted most hated car by British bikers

Bennetts survey shows Swedish manufacturer still rates as the most disliked by UK motorcyclists

VOLVOS HAVE been voted the most hated car on the road in a survey of British motorcyclists.

The Swedish car manufacturer topped the Bennetts poll with almost a third (28%) of UK bikers dreading an encounter with a Volvo.

The survey released today by Bennetts reveals the perception of the slow and considerate Volvo driver has vanished. With newer models such as the large V70 and the popular S80, it seems Volvo drivers are becoming increasingly unaware of bikers on Britain’s roads.

The research, compiled from bikers up and down the country, put Volvo on the top spot, but BMW wasn’t far behind with 27% of bikers considering them the most dangerous cars on the road.

Unsurprisingly, next on the hit list of most hated cars on the road was Porsche with 16% of the overall vote. Although normally the same height as a bike, the Cayenne 4x4 monster may explain why the German car giant is third in the poll. Land Rover (13%) and Mercedes (6%) make up the rest of the top five, proving that if you have a large vehicle, it pays to look out for bikers on the roads.

Top 10 most hated cars on Britain’s roads

Volvo 28%

BMW 27%

Porsche 16%

Land Rover 13%

Mercedes 6%

Ford 3%

Jaguar 2%

Volkswagen 2%

Nissan 2%

Mini 1%