First Look: Peugeot HYmotion3 hybrid scooter

Check out the first pics of Peugeot's dual power scoot!

9bhp pushing 250kg in electric mode

HERE'S THE first picture of the new HYmotion3 Compressor from Peugeot.

The three-wheeler uses two separate power sources to power the front and back wheels.
The back wheel is powered by a single cylinder 125cc, 20bhp single cylinder motor while the front wheels are each driven by their own 4.5bhp electric motor.
When the bike is moving up to 10km/h only the electric motors are used on a stop/start basis reducing the amount of carbon emissions. The HYmotion uses ABS to all three discs.

Although this is just a prototype, Peugeot says it is using the vehicle to gauge public reaction and that the HYmotion could go into production if there's enough demand. Expect the price to be in excess of £7000 should it happen.

Still we're sure there's plenty of lentil-eating, Prius driving, preaching city types who'll fork out for a HYmotion, so expect to see them on the roads soon.

Power: 20bhp petrol, 9bhp electric
Weight: 250kg