Visordown Marketplace’s Bike of the Day

You can't go wrong with a ZZR1400

Visordown Marketplace’s Bike of the Day

LATER this month, Visordown will be heading to Spain to take Kawasaki’s new supercharged tourer – the H2 SX – for a spin.

But the Japanese manufacturer already has a 200hp sports touring bike on its books and an impressively capable one at that. Since 2006, the ZZR 1400 has been the ultimate in sports touring, offering comfort, high performance and that wonderful mean green styling.

So if the £15,000 H2 SX is miles out of your budget, you can’t go wrong with a pre-loved ZZR1400.

How it’s described:

‘Fantastic low mileage example of Kawasaki's top of the range ZZR1400 model.’

What we think:

‘2.5 second acceleration, a 186mph top speed and a 200hp, 1441cc liquid-cooled inline four. It’s hard to believe that Kawasaki’s ZZR1400 is in fact a sports tourer rather than a downright racing machine. But tour it will, thanks to that well-padded seat and large front faring. For £11,495, this 2016 ABS Performance model is in excellent condition, and has covered just 2360 miles – barely enough to break it in.’

Check out the bike here.