Video: 100mph jet-engined Sinclair C5

Crazy '80s flop gets jet power!

Your mother would prefer it if you rode a motorbike..

CLIVE SINCLAIR had many success stories but the Sinlair C5 wasn't one of them. But it could have been had he replaced the batteries with a Jet engine!

One nut-case engineer has done exactly that. He's taken a bog stock Sinclair C5, capable of 15mph and replaced its battery with an Air Research JFS100-13A jet turbine, capable of taking this C5 to a top speed of 100mph.

And now you could own this extravagent contraption, if you click here.

You can view a video of this super-C5 in action, here. It's not going to beat a GSX-R1000 away from the lights, that's for sure.