V12 Drag bike for sale on eBay

Jaguar engine, twin turbo, 300bhp!

Jagged Edge...should make for fun at the MOT station

AN ECCENTRIC Motorcycle builder is selling his V12-engined Twin-Turbo drag bike on eBay.

The bike, called Jagged Edge, featured in last month's Back Street Heroes.

The owner is selling the machine as they're unable to maintain it anymore, having just undergone surgery on their left wrist.

The engine's from a 5.3 litre V12 Jaguar, which was left over from an abandoned trike project. It has two turbos from Peugeot diesel engines, fed by two 1.75" SU's. A single-speed transmission means you only have a clutch - no gears, no neutral. Not a problem when you've 300+ horsepower at 400ft/lbs+ of torque on tap.

All the manifolds are made from stainless, as is the exhaust. The gearbox is a middle gearbox from an XS1100. The clutch and pressure plate are from a Land Rover 110, and the release bearing is a hydraulic concentric from a TD4 Freelander. The front end and rear wheel are from a GPZ1000RX. The owner says the bike's had a new heavy-duty battery, a new heavy-duty clutch, a new front tyre, and a couple of other odds and ends.

At over nine feet from tyre to tyre the bike's massive, but the owner assures prospective buyers that it can U-turn fairly easily (?).

V12 Jaguar engine...imagine setting all those valve clearances

More pictures of the bike can be seen at the owner's website at


If you'd like to view the bike you can phone 07940 570 883. If you wish to bid, or have a look, the item number is: 200156877022

There are currently no bids entered.