US forces get diesel-powered Kawasaki

New fuel efficient KLR returns almost 100mpg

The specially developed machine returns almost 100mpg

THE UNITED States military appear to be attempting to reduce their enormous carbon footprint with the help of their new diesel-powered Kawasaki motorcycle.

The bikes have been developed by Hayes Diversified Technologies, a military contractor in Hesperia, California, after US forces asked for a new machine which could run on JP8 aviation fuel, rather than bog-standard petrol.

The fuel, which is used in many other military applications, gives the new machine an astounding 100mpg at a steady 55mph. The bikes are modified to run in the harshest environments on earth with special lighting and more rugged suspensions and tires.

The bike, codenamed the HDT M103M1, uses the chassis, a few engine components and all the internal transmission parts of the Kawasaki KLR650, a workhorse capable of anything from daily commuting to Sahara exploring. But the Marine machine’s major engine components are all new, built for diesel service.

Sadly, the manufacturer says there are no immediate plans to make the machine available to US civilians.