UK motorcycle design firm opens new studio

Northumberland-based design agency gets new state-of-the-art facility

One of the company's projects

MOTORCYCLE DESIGN consultancy Xenophya Design has recently unveiled their new studio in the UK.

Located on a generic industrial estate surrounded by the Northumberland countryside in the North East of England, Xenophya Design's premises boast a design office, a conference room, a clay-modelling studio and a workshop with painting facilities. At full capacity the studio can accommodate a team of 15 designers/model makers. Mark Wells explains: “We had to look long and hard to find new premises and create an interior layout that would reflect Xenophya's design process and values. We spend a lot of time in our studio so it has to be a nice working environment where we can do creative things. Our goal was to create an open well-lit working environment"

Much of the work produced by consultancies such as Xenophya is never allowed into the public domain. “Some of our most impressive, innovative work is confidential and not meant for public, much less competitor consumption” Ian Wride explains. Changing objectives, markets, and budgets mean it is common for projects to get stopped before they reach production.

Despite not being able to use much of their portfolio for self-promotion, Xenophya Design has built up sound working relationships with some major players in both European and Indian motorcycle manufacture.