UK flooding uncovers a hoard of vintage motorcycle parts

A business owner in Coleham Head has uncovered a hoard of vintage motorcycle parts while working to clear up after flooding in the area

flooded motorcyle find

THE owner of a house clearance company in Coleham Head has unearthed a hoard of vintage motorcycle parts during the clean up operation at his business.

Brian Taylor, the owner of the company, found the parts hidden in an underfloor compartment while he was dealing with the aftermath of flooding from Storm Dennis, Ciara and Jorge.

It was only when a Matchless classic bike enthusiast posted the image of Taylor with his stash on Instagram, that the potential value of such a collection was realised.

Posting on Instagram, matchlessg80cs said:

“Front page of the Shropshire Star this morning is a photo of a chap who has just uncovered a stash of pre war motorcycle parts ( + WW2 black out masks) following the recent catastrophic floods in the town, name those parts ! He thinks they are scrap, we know better! Strange shaped girder forks at the back left?

Couple of Rudge 4 valve heads in the foreground ?@burns18


The Shropshire Star, where the story originated from, reports that Taylor is now looking to get the parts cleaned up and assessed prior to putting them up for sale.

Some of the comments on the post were surprised by the amount of rare and potentially valuable items there were on display. With one poster saying: "I can see a 3-speed Sunbeam gearbox, … And the 2 barrels with what looks like fins cut away are both pre-1928 AJS sidevalve."

Pezpix added: "They look like damaged Triumph web style forks. What a find!"

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