TV Star Titch Cormack Has £13k Worth of Bikes Stolen From Biker Cafe

The star of a popular bike and engineering show has had two bikes stolen from his lock-up

Titch Cormack Speedshop

A TV star and Royal Marine veteran has lost two of his prized motorcycles after the unit they were storied in was targeted by thieves.

Titch Cormack shot to fame last year after landing a role on the motorcycle and engineering show Speedshop. In the show, Titch would take on a series of challenges. The tasks range from building a one-off motorcycle for a wounded serviceman to creating a one-off surf wagon out of a decrepit Hillman Minx. Titch is also the owner of the popular SBomb biker cafe and venue, in Poole, Dorset, which is reported to be where the bikes were taken from.


Speaking to the Daily Echo, Titch said:

"I was away in London when I got a call from Ivan in the yard who noticed there was a motorcycle helmet outside the gate. I ask him to walk through store and asked if there were two bikes which he said no.

"They'd smashed the locks off the roller shutter door and gained access. Once through the back, they had kicked in the doors and then smashed the locks of the bike."

The theft occurred on February 6th at around 12:30am, and sadly one of the bikes that was taken was the enduro machine Titch was planning on racing in the British Enduro Championship throughout 2024.

He went on to say:

"This year I've committed myself to racing a lot more with every intention to return to the British Enduro championships. I've had lessons to improve so I had plans with that beautiful machine. 

"From a mental aspect, it's been horrific. Lots of people are going through this when people are stealing bikes. It's far more than losing a bike, I had put a lot of time and effort and money into that machine that was made for me to compete on. Now I have to start from scratch. 

"The frustration is the police are hampered because of laws that have been brought in to stop them chase or pursue these kids. The law, unfortunately, lends itself to the criminal and they know it."

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