Triumph Tiger 900 Tour | A visit to Baffle Haus to chat with George North

We stop by Baffle Haus to chat with George North as we continue our series riding Land’s End to John o’Groats on the Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro & GT Pro.

Triumph Tiger 900 tour Episode 2 with George North at Baffle Haus

With 230 miles in the tank from Day 1 of our journey travelling Land's End to John o'Groats on the Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro & Rally Pro, Day 2 was right around the corner - with the promise of some brilliant roads to explore, places to see (including Baffle Haus) and people to meet (namely George North). 

Episode 1, if you missed it, covered Day 1 of our journey where we spoke with Victoria Pendleton and explained what we’re up to. Well worth a watch if I do say so myself.

In Episode 2 of our ‘Visordown LEJoG’ journey, we set off from the lovely Benett Arms in Semley after an overnight stay, with 82 miles to cover heading north to (funnily enough) see George North at the top biker destination Baffle Haus, before then looking to continue on. 

Here's Episode 2 of the Triumph Tiger 900 Land's End to John o'Groats trip

Triumph Tiger 900 | We chat to George North at Baffle Haus | 1000 Mile UK Motorcycle Road Trip Ep. 2

Home to many fantastic machines, Baffle Haus is not to be missed. It's home to a classic Africa Twin that’s in process of being rebuilt, George’s personal custom Triumph, and the countless other bikers machines that come in & out of the cafe grounds to have a coffee and a chat.

After having a chat with George North about his custom Triumph, what Baffle Culture means to him & what he’s up to, he and Toad head out for a ride in the local area on the two Tigers.

Looking at the footage that they captured out on the road, they definitely had an immense ride with spectacular views. But that's a common trend on this tour - who knew the UK was crammed with stunning vistas!

We’ve reviewed the Triumph Tiger 900 range in the past, so check out our many articles on the bikes in the Visordown vaults (also known as the search bar) if you want to know more about these machines. 

Episode 3 will be on the way soon, where we conclude our interview with George, watch a bit more of the jaw-dropping footage, and continue on our way to John o’Groats with 800 or so miles to go. 

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