All-in-one secure motorcycle parking, charging & storage with Bikers Guardian

This could be the future of safe & convenient motorcycle parking, with built-in bike charging, a storage locker and top security facilities.

Bikers Guardian motorcycle parking

This start-up company may have just designed what could be the future of motorcycle parking in cities and towns across the UK (and further afield). It's simply a case of rolling your motorcycle in, securing it to the 'Bikers Guardian' unit, safely locking your riding gear away in the locker and going about your day.

If you’ve been to London recently, you’ll have seen long lines of rent-a-cycles parked up and securely fastened to individual docking bays, affectionately dubbed ‘Boris bikes’ (from the now-prime-minister and then mayor of London Boris Johnson’s reign).

Perhaps this is where the team behind ‘Bikers Guardian motorcycle anti-theft unit' had their first idea of providing rentable security for motorcyclists. 

Concerning theft statistics may also have had their part in the start-up creating their idea on secure future parking. Bikers Guardian quote around 40,000 UK motorcycle thefts annually, with a total value accumulating to around £3 million underlining what is becoming a ‘global challenge’ to conquer - and it’s certain that those who park up in cities (particularly London) will be looking at the security this pod can provide. 

Locking the front wheel in place, the docking station can be booked and paid for in advance via an app - which also handily allows you to keep an eye on your bike whilst you’re away, like a doting parent watching over their baby in a crib. 

Another ‘global challenge’ centres around the future of mobility, rising fuel prices (quoted as a 10% rise from Dec 2020 to April 2021) and an ever-growing base of electric bike owners (quoted as around 50,000 per year in the UK) who will need to recharge their bikes wherever they can. 

Green & secure motorcycle parking by Bikers Guardian!

Each unit is supplied with a hydrogen fuel cell to create green eco-friendly & renewable energy for bikes parked at the unit, also meaning it can charge up bikes without relying on an external electric network for power, meaning the units can be placed near enough anywhere.

That green power can also be used for the climate-controlled locker for your riding gear to be stored, ensuring that your jacket, lid and gloves are nice and toasty (or chilled) for your return. 

Price per use is not confirmed yet as the Bikers Guardian is still in the prototyping phase, with a January 2022 pencilled release date. The docking units are noted on the website as being available for bulk purchase if you own a parking area where bikers may frequent, or are a city council. 

Certainly an interesting prototype, I’d imagine we’ll be seeing these on our streets in the near future.

Check their release video here: 

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