Triumph Street Triple - TWO's first thoughts

TWO's Jon Urry rides the new Triumph Street Triple

A reworked 675 engine's at the heart of the new Triumph Street Triple

Think of a smaller, lighter Triumph Street Triple and you aren't far off the mark. Like its bigger brother, the new Street Triple's a brilliant bike. The 675cc motor is basically identical to the Daytona's but has a new cam for more bottom end and mid-range. Usually this completely screws up a motor (think FZ6 which uses a R6 retuned engine) but on the Street Triple it's perfect. There is loads of torque through the whole rev range and it never feels under powered. Compared to the inline four naked bikes the Triple is so much easier and more relaxing to ride, no need to rev it, just use whichever gear you happen to be in.

Although it has exactly the same gearing as the Daytona the Street Triple never feels over geared, in fact it happily wheelies off the throttle in first and clutches up in second! And yes, this is a brilliant stunt bike!

Urry...managed all of 20ft

Despite not having any adjustment on the forks the suspension is just about perfect for the road. Want knee down action? Not a problem, the handling is every bit as light as the Daytona 675, helped by the fact the bike itself only weighs 167kg. It's far sportier than the Japanese nakeds and I reckon will be perfectly at home on a track day.

Some people have moaned about the fact the Street Triple doesn't come with radial brake callipers, well it doesn't need them. The two piston sliding calipers have loads of power and excellent feel, something demonstrated by Kevin Carmichael as he stoppied with me on the back!

I honestly haven't enjoyed a bike as much since I rode the KTM 950SM, which used to be my favourite bike. Quite honestly, and Triumph haven't given me a bung, the Street Triple is as much fun and is the best bike I've ridden this year. The only thing I can find to gripe about is the slight lack of steering lock, apart from that with a price tag of £5349 I reckon this is the best middle weight out there.

Check out the next issue of TWO for a full review and we'll be putting the Street Triple up against the competition soon too.