Tories suggest cutting motorway speed limit to 60mph

Because of emissions


CONSERVATIVE officials have suggested that the speed limit on some sections of the UK’s motorway network could be cut to 60mph.

According to The Telegraph, the suggested reduction in the motorway speed limit is not to do with making more money from motorists but is a move to tackle air pollution.

Tory officials are said to have raised concerns that vehicles emit more harmful emissions when travelling at high speeds and a reduction in the speed limit is a move designed to address pollution problems, from diesel cars in particular as the idea of ‘clean diesel’ is questioned in the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

The suggested measures are included in the Tory air pollution strategy, which also includes scrappage schemes for diesel cars incentives to turn drivers on to electric and hydrogen vehicles.

The Government has commissioned further research on cutting speed limits on the motorway. It’s asked Highways England to conduct more analysis on the proposals.