Man narrowly escapes prison after clocking 135mph in Scottish Highlands

Judge decides against prison because of effect on defendant’s family


A MAN HAS admitted hitting 135mph on his bike on a 60mph stretch of the A9 in the Scottish Highlands.

Louis Rozier, 27 and an offshore worker, was charged with driving dangerously when he was stopped at the end of May last year but now his case had made it to Tain Sheriff Court, it seems that Mr Rozier only narrowly escaped a custodial prison sentence.

Instead of imprisoning Mr Rozier, Sheriff Olga Pasportnikov said, ‘It was a ridiculously high speed, but I have listened to what your solicitor had to say and I will refrain from imposing a custodial sentence.’

In defence, the court heard that a prison sentence would have a devastating effect on Mr Rozier’s family and he was given a 20-month driving ban and 200 hours of unpaid work.

Image: Blogtrepaneur via Flickr, under licence from Creative Commons