Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum to reopen this winter!

The Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum is set to reopen less than a year after is razed to the ground by fire

Top Mountain Museum

THE Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum owners have set an ambitious plan into action and hope to have Europe’s highest altitude museum back open to the public this winter!

It was the beginning of the year that we reported the saddening news that the modern wooden building and more than 200 of the classic bikes it housed had been hit by a monumental fire. With thousands of exhibits lost to the flames and extensive damage to the structure itself, you’d have been forgiven for thinking it may never have opened its doors again though.

This month the owners of the museum, Attila and Alban Scheiber, posted a surprising update on the Top Point Motorcycle Museum social media account, advising that the site was scheduled to re-open on November 18th 2021!


While it's obvious that a great number of exhibits would have been totally destroyed in the fire, and many more would need extensive renovation and repair, the pair of owners turned to motorcycle collectors from across Europe to help rebuild the museum’s extensive collection. Judging by the Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum social media pages, the bikes and exhibits are coming thick and fast, hopefully, it is enough to plug the gap until the exhibits that can be restored to former glory are.

Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum fire reasons

Fire crews responded to reports of the fire in the early hours of Monday 18th January. It’s been widely reported that the timber-framed building was not fitted with sprinklers. While the actual starting point of the fire seems to still be a mystery, the remote location added to the lack of any form of fire suppression system was likely a significant factor in destroying so many of the precious machines within the collection.

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