Ticking noise on motorcycle prompts bomb squad and evacuation

Anti-theft device triggers false alarm

A SUBURBAN street was overrun with police vehicles, a fire truck and a bomb squad today after a rider reported that his motorcycle was ticking.

Habib Samour, 18, was pulling his Kawasaki Ninja 300 out of the garage when he heard a strange ticking noise coming from the bike.

After noticing a ‘suspicious wrapped up ball shoved into the back,’ Mr. Samour called the emergency services resulting in as many as 20 police vehicles parked outside the home on Judith St, in Chester Hill, Sydney.

Residents were evacuated and the entire street was closed off.

After further investigation it was found that the noise was coming from an anti-theft device left under the seat cowl.

‘I just got it back from the mechanic yesterday,’ explained Samour.

‘He wanted the noise to stop, so I guess his method was wrapping it up.’

Mr. Samour said he was ‘obviously pissed’ by all the commotion but thought the police response was appropriate.

He added: ‘You know if it’s a bomb, bro, what do you expect?’