Thousands of Bikers and Drivers Caught by Dashcam Footage

Devon and Cornwall Police is hailing its public dashcam road safety campaign a success, but still calls for more motorists to come forward with evidence

Dashcam footage submitted to Operation Snap

In 2019 Devon and Cornwall Police began Operation Snap, a road safety enforcement campaign that allows members of the public to submit footage of dangerous or illegal driving or riding, which could then be used to prosecute those at fault.

Since then it has been claimed that more than 10,000 motorists have had action taken against them as a result of the scheme, with 2023 being heralded as its busiest year as more than 6,000 videos were uploaded to the online portal.

To mark the occasion, Devon and Cornwall Police has compiled a video highlighting some of the videos that have already been uploaded, showing some of the offences drivers and riders have already committed.


Operation Snap isn’t limited to just Devon and Cornwall, with police forces nationwide using the scheme as a simple and effective way to snag dangerous and illegal motorists.

Speaking about the operation, Adrian Leisk, head of road safety for Devon & Cornwall Police and chair of Vision Zero South West’s enforcement group, said: 

“Op Snap continues to grow in Devon & Cornwall with 2023 being our busiest year to date.

“Thanks to the efforts of the public, we have been able to take action against almost 10,000 drivers who may have otherwise escaped prosecution and continued to drive in a dangerous manner. We want drivers to think twice before making that risky decision.

“More people are using dashcams and helmet cameras than ever before – but also more members of the public are now aware of Op Snap and understand that they have the power to do something about poor driving. All of this makes it increasingly likely that dangerous and reckless drivers will be caught on camera and prosecuted.

“While it is clearly worrying that so many instances of dangerous driving are being witnessed on our roads, it’s encouraging that members of the public are coming on board with this campaign and submitting footage of poor driving.”

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