Teen sentenced for role he played in motorcyclist losing sight in one eye

Thomas Connors was driving the vehicle of youths throwing eggs at other road users, and resulting in a motorcyclist losing sight in one of his eyes. 

tom connors egg throwing

TEENAGER Thomas Connors has appeared in court and been sentenced, for his role in a string of egg-throwing incidents on the 10th January 2020 in Market Harborough.

Conners and his accomplices struck several vehicles that evening, but most notably causing motorcyclists Marc Toone to tragically lose sight in one of his eyes. 

Although he was the driver of the vehicle - and has decided not to reveal the identity of his accomplices - it has been reported that Connors has pleaded guilty to a series of offences, including causing GBH to Mr. Toone. 

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Whilst he is claimed to have professed his remorse, this was reported as the sixth egg-throwing incident of that evening, yet still, he refused to identify who he was with that evening. Connors had also been involved in a similar offence a month prior, stealing eggs from a shop and using them as missiles to attack cars & people with two others accomplices.

Biker Mr. Toone was riding with his visor up as it had become steamed up and has told the court that:

"It has changed my life. I could have been killed that night, but I managed to keep my bike under control.

"I was howling in pain and I still have flashbacks now. When I sleep, if I do sleep, I wake up with scratches on my face where I have tried to take my helmet off in my nightmares."

Thomas Connors pleads guilty for blinding motorcyclist

Pleading guilty, Connors has been placed in custody for 12 months, ordered to pay £500 compensation to Mr. Toone, and has been disqualified from driving for 12 months - a small price to pay for a heinous crime that will leave Mr. Toone with life-changing injuries, and unsure whether or not the sight in his other eye will be affected. 

Thomas Connors pleaded guilty to one count of GBH, ABH, criminal damage, common assault, and assault by beating - as well as stealing eggs from a shop and driving dangerously (including running a red light and driving on the wrong side of the road).

For more information, have a look at the Leicester Mercury site.