Tali Connected SP-1 Safety Beacon - Is this the future of safety?

The French tech company win second consecutive award for innovation at the CES 2021 show.

Tali SP1 Safety Beacon

TALI Connected are a French startup who are looking to change the way safety works for motorcyclists, dedicating their products to benefiting the safety of the riding community.

Founder Issam Tali started the company to help ease his wife’s concern when he was out for a ride - a situation perhaps shared by a few other riders out there.

They first hit the scene in 2020 with their flashy smart-helmet concept (which you may recognise for winning an award for innovation at last years CES show), and were proud to introduce us to their latest gadget - the SP-1 Safety Beacon - which they hope paves the way for a more connected, and therefore safer, ride.

With full integration planned with their iT-C smart-helmet, the SP-1 Safety Beacon is discreetly installed under the saddle and plugged in to your battery, where it can then begin it’s work. They also note the unit does have its own battery which can run for up to 6 months if your motorcycle is parked up for a prolonged period of time.

Features of the SP-1 Safety Beacon

Connecting to the Tali smartphone app will allow you to then access data recorded from the bike, including geographic location, detailed trip statistics, maintenance schedule monitoring & reminders, as well as use those safety features.

The little box under the bike is basically like a dedicated mini action-centre, and if something goes wrong on a ride it’ll use the built in sensors (the giroscope & accelerometer with your location accurate up to 1 meter) to automatically detect trouble, firing off alerts to up to three emergency contacts set up on the app and contact emergency services.

This is similar to the BMW SOS button found on some of their motorcycles, but completely automated.

Other handy features on the SP-1 Safety Beacon include a built in alarm and 100dB siren, which can be configured to discreetly alert you via the app and/or set off the alarm. You can also access in depth records of your rides, with statistics of total distance traveled, journey time, speed readings (average and maximum), angles of inclination & even track timings if you’re at a circuit - this can all be then shared with your friends.

Expect the Tali Connected SP-1 Safety Beacon to cost around £219 ($299), and it is planned to be set up as a crowd-funding project alongside the smart helmet to bring them both to market.

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