Speed trap cops drive off after confrontation

Officers in unmarked car make an exit when their visibility is questioned

TWO POLICE officers in Glasgow drove off after being confronted for using a speed gun in an unmarked car.

The pair were quizzed as to why they weren’t making themselves more visible by two passers-by.

One of them said: ‘You’re in an unmarked car with a speed gun. You’re meant to be highly visible,’

After the female officer pointed at her high visibility vest and protested ‘we are’, the passer-by retorted: ‘You’re not. You’re in an unmarked car. That’s not highly visible. That’s at shoulder height.

‘Are you telling me that if a car drove down from up there they would be able to easily tell that this is a police car?’

The men then tell the officers that if they pull a vehicle over, they will remain present to argue with the decision, at which point the police offers drive off in their unmarked Vauxhall.