Special report: Are 600cc sportsbikes dead and buried?

Plummeting sales, high prices and a lack of development. Can anything save the supersports 600?


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One of the most underwhelming experiences of my biking career was getting off my F800GS and test riding the legendary CBR600F in a bid to stave off middle age.

Super smooth engine, but a pointless riding position for the road (no, I will not learn to fit the bike, the bike should fit me), and shockingly gutless. At the point where the power kicked in, I was already running out of road on which to enjoy it.

On a weekend, on a track, or that mythical stretch of well surfaced twisties with no traffic and perfect forwards visibility, I can see the fun in keeping them up in the Fun Band - while ignoring the fuel gauge. But on real roads? I honestly got more license friendly giggles from thrashing the nuts off a cheap little Ninja 250 and exploiting every bit of its performance through every gear, so that's what I added to my garage instead for having juvenile larks.

As a do everything, everyday "city" bike with a bit of "racing" on the weekends, you can do much better these days than a sports 600. I mean, you *could* get Kate Upton round to do your dishes, and I'm sure she'd scrub them clean enough, but it's not what she's *for*.

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