Spain looking to make motorcycle glove use mandatory

As Spain is looking to make the use of motorcycle glove while riding mandatory, we wondered why they haven’t always been

motorcycle gloves

THE freedom we have in the UK to wear pretty much what we want when out on our bike is, when you think about it, pretty weird. With an approved motorcycle helmet being the only mandatory item, theoretically, you could ride out and hit the M40 wearing little more than flip-lops shorts and a t-shirt.

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It’s not that anyone would do that – although they probably have – the choice is there. And the key word is choice.

How many times do you ride without wearing any gloves? Every time you go out? Only if you are nipping down the road to check the new brake pads you’ve fitted? Or absolutely never under any circumstances?

Your hands are pretty vital bits of kit after all, and losing some fingers in a self-inflicted crash could force you to leave your job, for instance, it seems weird that gloves in the UK aren’t mandatory already.

But some of our European friends already have rulings around gloves, with approved motorcycle mitts being the norm in France for some time now and it looks like Spain is about to follow, after a meeting with the DGT and other stakeholders.

The meeting was set to increase the use of air-bag vests within the motorcycle community, although it ended up spreading fear that the systems would become mandatory with all riders – whether on track or off.

What it did point to though was that Spain would be following France and making motorcycle glove use mandatory at some point soon.

We want to know how you would feel about mandatory motorcycle glove you. Would it steal your freedom and liberty, or make absolutely zero change to your motorcycling life whatsoever?