Rider takes police on 183mph chase… bursts into tears when he’s caught

A motorcyclist takes Oklahoma police on a 183mph high-speed chase and promptly realises the error of his ways the moment he is caught...

Biker caught doing 183mph [credit: Oklahoma Police]

None of us really know what will happen in situations of ‘fight or flight’ until we’re in a moment that will either give us an injection of realism or one of pure adrenaline, but as this biker discovered sometimes you probably want to go back and make a different choice.

Senior Airman Michael Workman, 24, showed exactly what not to do when police in Oklahoma began tailing him and two others as he sat 10mph above the speed limit of Interstate 35 last month.

On come the sirens, but instead of realising his error and pulling his Honda over, most likely to pick up either fine or even just a warning, Workman took off instead and led them on a chase that would exceed 180mph, dangerously weaving in and out of traffic to put both his and other lives at unnecessary risk.

Fortunately, the chase didn’t end in disaster with one of the riders pulling over immediately, Workman eventually being stopped as he gets caught up in traffic and the other escaping, albeit being apprehended later on.

The gravity of the situation isn’t lost on him, with a video of his emotional reaction going viral on the LadBible website as he’s told he faces the rap for endangering the public, speeding and eluded a police officer. You can view the video HERE

There is no pleasure to be taken from this story as Workman – and his friend - now face upwards of a five years jail term or a hefty fine, plus a criminal record that could scupper his career in the military. As a reference, the biker that did pull over saw his bike impounded and given a fine, but with no further action being taken.

The video, which was originally shared by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, was picked up by the Military Times newspaper before being shared on LadBible.