Police use Zero tolerance as electric bikes help curb illegal riding

South Yorkshire Police have taken on a fleet of Zero FXS electric bikes to help tackle illegally ridden motorcycles

Zero FXS Police Bike

SOUTH Yorkshire Police have gone green in the fight against illegally ridden motorcycles after taking on a fleet of electric off-road motorcycles.

The newly expanded off-road bike team have doubled in size in recent months, and also taken on some Zero FX electric enduro motorcycles.

So far the team has recovered 14 vehicles that were either stolen or taken off the road due to driving offences, with a combined value of £35,200.

Six people have been reported on summons and 18 people had their vehicles seized for having no insurance or driving licence. Various amounts of drugs have been also been seized from those driving.

A further 48 people have been issued a warning over their driving manner or the land on which they have been driving.

If a rider fails to behave after being warned, the next step is for their vehicle to be taken off them. One rider who failed to comply after having a warning issued has already had his vehicle seized.

Roads Policing Inspector Craig Clifton said: “We are committed to tackling the problem that off-road bikes can pose to our communities.

“The team are all bikers themselves and share the passion for riding their bikes, but this has to be done in a safe manner and on designated and legal tracks.

“We are focusing our efforts on those who are posing a risk to our communities through dangerous driving or using their vehicles to commit crimes.

“We are also working with riders to ensure they understand the law and regulations that are in place. It is as much about education as enforcement.”

In the coming weeks, the team will continue its work and post results on its social media pages.

Insp Clifton added: “We are stronger with our communities and we appreciate the intelligence and reports of bikes that we receive via 101, SYP Off-Road Bike Facebook, leaflets and SYP website.

“I urge you to continue reporting the issues in relation to off-road bikes.”