R1 theft in broad daylight

And no one intervenes

R1 theft in broad daylight

THREE theives make off with an R1 parked in a crowded London street in a video posted on Facebook yesterday.

Several people stand watching as the thieves, dressed all in black including their crash helmets, push the Yamaha out of a motorcycle parking bay and break the steering lock.

A voice close to the camera can be heard saying "That's matey boy's bike, isn't it?"

A woman's voice shouts what sounds like "Stop".

Moments later later a man's voice is heard shouting: "These guys are just driving away."

Undeterred, two of the thieves get on a waiting Yamaha X-MAX scooter while the third gets on the R1, as people still stand and watch and at least one other person films on a phone. 

The video was posted by the page PistonAddictz with few details.