Readers’ Bike of the Month


Readers’ Bike of the Month

REGULAR Visordown users may have noticed a new regular feature in recent weeks: Readers’ Bike of the Day.

We’ve been doing it for about 30 days now, so guess what. That’s right. It’s Readers’ Bike of the Month time.

There’s been no shortage of splendiferous metal so far, including a 2005 GSX-R1000 and an '06 Blade.

But this 1983 Yamaha RD125 LC Mk1 from Pete McCrave in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, leapt out as the one we’d stop to look at.

Two-strokes like this introduced a generation of us to motorcycling, back when 125s could still be de-restricted. The RD made 21hp in full-power form. Try getting that from an R125.

Earlier than the RG125 Gamma and TZR125, the RD was just a bit cooler than its contemporaries, Kawasaki’s AR125 and Honda’s MBX125.

Like all two-strokes, they've rocketed in value in the last 10 years or so. Pete’s particularly nice-looking example cost him £1,900.

We’re not sure the Kenny Roberts speed block colour scheme was ever an original option on the 125 LC but clearly it should have been.

We also liked Pete’s other submission, a 150cc customised Honda Cub 90 in Repsol colours.

Pete said: ‘She is awesome to ride, having a 150cc race engine, and cost me £2k to build. Pros: you can’t have more fun on anything. Cons: only get £1.95 of fuel in tank.’

Well done, sir.

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