Police appeal to parents to ‘Know the law’ regarding off-road motorcycles

The move comes after Police Scotland received numerous reports of illegal off-road bike being ridden on public land

off-road motorcycles

POLICE in Scotland are appealing for parents who may have bought their children off-road motorcycles to check what the law is when it comes to using the vehicles.

The request comes after Inverclyde police officers in a Greenock charged two youths who were illegally riding their bikes on Lady Octavia Park, Bridgend Road.

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The officers responded to reports of the bikes being ridden dangerously, forcing them to charge the two youths and seize their motorcycles.

Now, it can be easy to simply blame the youths for acting in the way, although the police are asking that parents help out by educating themselves and their children on the law regarding off-road motorcycle use.

A spokesman said:

“As a result [of this] two young motorcyclists have been reported for a number of offences and the bikes seized.

“Inverclyde police have received a number of complaints recently regarding off-road and quad motorbikes being driven in public places.

“This behaviour is anti-social and dangerous to both the riders and pedestrians and remains a significant concern for police and the public.”

Off-road motorcycles and quadbikes can only be used on private land with the permission of the landowner.

If used on a public road then they are subject to all the usual requirements of road traffic law including insurance, licence, registration, and that all the appropriate safety equipment is fitted for use on a road.

Illegal use of off-road motorcycles has risen during the lockdown, with offences across the country rising as people look for a way to get their biking fix without hitting the road. One Lancashire sheep farmer even went as far as to call the use of them a ‘plague’ that was devastating protected moorland.

Look, we all want to ride more than we can, but tracks and enduro centres are just a matter of weeks away from opening. Keep your powder dry, clean your bike and get ready for when we can start riding again, legally.