One-armed motorcycle racer one of BBC Three’s Amazing Humans

A bit of feel-good for your Friday

BBC THREE’S Amazing Humans series always highlights the best in humanity and this clip is no exception.

This short video tells the story of Chris Ganley, a former soldier who lost his arm in a motorbike accident back in in 2014. At the same time he broke his back in three places, broke his left side ribs, punctured a lung and suffered a bleed on the brain. Due to the severity of his injuries, he was put in an induced coma, and admits that there was a time when he wished he'd never woken up.

But luckily, his story didn’t end there. What almost killed Chris turned out to be his saviour, when he got back on to a bike six months later and rediscovered the thrill of riding.

After adapting the controls, Chris now races in Thundersport GB, securing a fourth-place finish in his debut season this year.

He plans to race the TT by 2023, and also spends his spare time helping other people to overcome their injuries and get back on a bike.

It’s not the first time a motorcyclist has featured in the though-provoking series. Earlier this year BBC Three told the story of Ric, a motorcyclist who sings to people with dementia.

See Ric in action here…