NMM announces Bruce Main-Smith digital archive

The Bruce Main-Smith archive includes more than 5,000 documents and covers over 300 models and over 100 years of motorcycling

The Bruce Main-Smith Archive Collection

THE National Motorcycle Museum (NMM) has completed the unenviable task of digitising the Bruce Main-Smith archive, and is now offering its contents for sale to customers worldwide.

The BMS archive is a literal goldmine for riders of classic and vintage motorcycles and includes original promotional materials, brochures, and workshop manuals, many of which would be unavailable by any other means. The collection is as expansive as it is rare, with over 5,000 documents charting more than 300 motorcycles, stretching from the late 1800s right the way through to the 1980s. Included in the archive are not just manuals and documents relating to bikes specifically, but individual parts and systems are also represented, with the likes of Amal and Lucas being just two of the names that are included in the digital archive.

The historically important collection of documents has been available to the public for some time, although this was in the form of photocopy documents that customers could buy and then be sent in the post. This new digital archive could prove to be a lifeline for classic motorcycle enthusiasts around the globe, giving them seemingly instant access to the collection on a digital basis, allowing them to print it at home or view it on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Manufacturers included in the collection include AJS, Norton, Triumph, BSA, Matchless, Royal Enfield, Ariel, Velocette, Villiers and Francis Barnett. You can view the collection for yourself and place an order over the NMM website

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