NMC Reacts to Labour General Election 2024 Victory

UK National Motorcyclists Council calls for action on key biking issues in response to Labour General Election 2024 victory

NMC Reacts to Labour General Election 2024 Victory

The UK’s leading motorcycling political lobby, the National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) has reacted to Labour’s landslide General Election victory and again called for action on motorcycle licensing, bus lane access, potholes and more.

In a statement issued soon after the result was announced, the NMC, which is a coalition of 12 different bodies including the MCIA, BMF, ACU, TRF and more,  said: “The National Motorcyclists Council NMC has this morning congratulated the Labour Party on their election victory and looks forward to the appointment of new Secretaries of State and other Ministers to DfT. DEFRA, Home Office and DCMS. A large motorcycling agenda awaits new ministers, as progress needs to be made on a wide range of issues.

The BSA Gold Star classic styled motorcycle
The BSA Gold Star classic styled motorcycle

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“Motorcycling priorities during the new Government’s first few months include several areas of transport safety where announcements were due very soon after the General Election was called. Particularly on a review of motorcycle licencing, testing and training, plus progress on motorcycle access to bus lanes. There is also the long awaited road safety strategy to be announced. These issues can be described as non party political and part of the overall management of departmental portfolios on safety and related items. Work with departmental officials by the NMC and several other organisations had reached an advanced stage and were due sign off before the Election was called. Consultations on bus lane access and historic vehicles are also ongoing with the DfT and DVLA and were not called off when the election was announced.

“The Labour Party also committed to tackling potholes in their manifesto and the NMC looks forward to progressing work already commenced with government in relation to the Pothole Pledge. 

“DEFRA Ministers also have an in-box on Green Roads access and matters relating to rights of way which cross both the DEFRA and DfT portfolios. Improving motorcycle access within the countryside is a major opportunity for the new Government with both motorcycle sport and active recreation needing greater support and recognition of the positive contribution this makes to society and the economy.   

“The long delayed announcements on decarbonisation and motorcycling is another area where swift progress is needed, as riders, the motorcycle trade and the sector as whole needs clarity on an issue which kept being pushed down the road by the previous administration.”

Norton V4SV
Norton V4SV

NMC Executive Director Craig Carey-Clinch said: “given the advanced nature of development on several issues, it would be a big mistake for the Government to start all over again. The new administration needs to continue existing work in several areas and bring these to a conclusion. 

“Motorcycling delivers significant benefits in terms of a sustainable and responsible form of transport for both work and leisure, with this needing greater recognition and support from the new Government.  We will also be looking to Ministers to finally bring clarity to motorcycling in transport and other public policy through commencing development of full strategy for motorcycling and the implementation of the NMC’s ‘Motorcycling Matters’ manifesto. We are looking forward to working with the new administration on all these areas.”

The NMC manifesto outlines seven key areas for change. These are:


  • Transport Choice: Bringing motorcycling into the mainstream of transport policy
  • The introduction of improved and simplified licensing, training and testing
  • Ensuring better and safer roads for riding, tackling potholes and with proper investment in motorcycle safety.
  • The adoption of a “technology neutral” approach to decarbonisation to preserve rider choice.
  • Default access to all bus lanes and protecting motorcycles access to the full road network, including sealed and green roads.
  • Ensuring greater recognition of and support for the UK motorcycle sports sector.
  • Recognition of the cultural importance of the classic bike sector and protection for the UK’s motorcycling heritage.

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